Garden Souq

Garden Souq started journey in 2010 with an obsession to transform UAE’s arid climate into an exquisite landscape, to cherish the true beauty of nature by Landscaping designing.
Driven by the subtle magnetism in nature, we identify and build instinctive connections between your space and leaping greenly spirits of nature.
To harmonize with nature, we offer a very wide palette of landscaping products and services.
Closely linked to the distinctive features of landscaping and aesthetic appearance, we specialize in creating vibrant landscapes and other relevant services.


Having our own nursery, we provide a lot of selections and concepts for our clients to adore their place with vegetation, as an integral part of nature. In Addition to exotic plants, we have native plants selection for sustainable landscaping


We specialize in beautifying your place with wooden decks, flooring, stone works, lighting, swimming pools, and water features etc. For outdoor living, we provide plenty of options like classic Gazebos, Pergolas, and other outdoor furniture.


Conceptualizing a landscape, designing and transforming it into a real experience, needs some professional expertise combined with aesthetic inspirations. Our in house designing department is well versed with required professional skills to match the client’s requirements


In UAE’s arid climate, irrigation is very crucial aspect of landscaping. To cater this, we are providing automatic irrigation with imported equipment


Besides our above products & services, we are having various Annual Maintenance Contracts with our clients. Quality, as our first priority, is our advantage in building customer’s confidence in our maintenance services.


Tony Mansoor
CEO / Founder

Ms. Zainab
Marketing Director

Mr. Sumair
Customer Support

Ms. Faseela
Marketing Executive