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Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma Capensis) Plant

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Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma Capensis)

Botanical Name: Tecoma Capensis

Also known as: 

  • Cape Trumpet Flower
  • Orange Cape Honeysuckle
  • Kaffir Honeysuckle

Cape Honeysuckle (Tecoma Capensis) is an outdoor flowering evergreen shrub plant.

Cape Honeysuckle flowers are a blazing orange hue, sure to brighten up your tropical garden. It is used as either a shrub or liana and its color and sweet nectar attract hummingbirds. Not only is it versatile in looks, but it also is easy to maintain, making it a perfect idea for a splash of uniqueness in your garden.

The name “Cape Honeysuckle” came about because the native region for this shrub is in South Africa, by the Cape of Good Hope. It is a bit misleading: This is not true honeysuckle. Real honeysuckles belong to the Caprifoliaceae family and are found in the Lonicera genus. Other members include the desert willow, northern and southern catalpa, and jacaranda.

Care and Growth: 

Soil: Cape honeysuckle doesn’t have specific soil requirements – it can easily grow in the garden in any soil type as long as it is well-composted and well-draining.

Light: Cape honeysuckle is a tropical plant and does prefer full sun. Some light shade, however, is acceptable, though shaded plants will produce fewer blooms.

Water: Water moderately, waiting until the soil has completely dried. They resist periods of drought.

Temperature: It is not much winter hardy and cannot tolerate temperatures below 23° degrees Fahrenheit (-5° C). Due to its less resistance to cold weather, the plant often starts losing its leaves when exposed to temperatures below 25° degrees Fahrenheit (-4° C).

Fertilizer: Fertilize cape honeysuckle once in the springtime before new growth begins. Use a 10-10-10 granulated slow-release fertilizer spread in a thin, even layer



(Flowering plants only blossom naturally in their respective seasons. Fruit-bearing plants only produce fruits naturally during their growing seasons. All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.)

Plant Type:

Outdoor Plant

Flower Color:


Plant Height:

40 cm to 60 cm, 80 cm to 100 cm

Pot Type:

Nursery Pot


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