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Energy Perlite

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Appearing as tiny, roundish white specks amid the other components, perlite in potting soil is a non-organic additive used to aerate the media. Vermiculite is also a soil additive utilized for aeration (though less so than perlite), but the two are not always interchangeable, although as rooting mediums, both provide the same benefit.

Perlite is regularly used in soil mixes (including soil-less mediums) to further improve the aeration of soil, and to modify the soil’s substructure, helping soil become loose, well-drained, and non-compact. A premium mix of 1/3 loam, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 part Perlite is optimum for container growing of plants; enabling the pot to hold just enough water and oxygen

Product Size: 10L



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Energy Perlite