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Kris Plant (Alocasia Sanderiana)

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Botanical Name: Alocasia Sanderiana

Also Known as:

  • Jewel Alocasia
  • Elephant Ear
  • Alocasia Bambino Arrow
  • Alocasia Amazonica
  • African Mask Plant
  • Alocasia Mortfontanensis
  • Taro Plant

A evergreen perennial plant.

The wild population of Kris plant is considered as critically endangered, which means they are facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild. Please take very well care of this plant, and provide it the love it deserves when you purchase it.

Attractive foliage houseplant. It has thick, upright stems that carry very large, glossy, arrow-shaped leaves with wavy edges. Bold silver-green veins make a dramatic pattern on dark-green leaves.

Kris plant plants are considered very poisonous and should be kept away from pets and children.

(All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.)

How to grow and maintain Kris plant:

It thrives best in bright, indirect light but will survive in shade. Avoid direct sunlight.

It grows well in a well-drained but moist, rich organic mix. Try to avoid wet, mucky or dry, sandy soils.

Water your plant regularly during the growing season and always keep the soil evenly moist but not soggy. You can allow the topsoil to become slightly dry between each watering. Alocasia plants require less water during the winter when it’s dormant.

Fertilize your Kris plant with a diluted balanced fertilizer from spring every two weeks and stop at the end of August then start again at the beginning of spring.

Remove any yellow leaves or those that develop brown or black spots from an Alocasia plant as that may be a sign of a fungal disease.


(Flowering plants only blossom naturally in their respective seasons. Fruit-bearing plants only produce fruits naturally during their growing seasons. All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.)

Plant Type:

Indoor Plant

Plant Height:

20 cm to 30 cm, 40 cm to 50 cm

Pot Type:

Nursery Pot


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