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Sago Palm (Cycas Revoluta)

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Sago Palm (Cycas Revoluta)

Botanical Name: Cycas Revoluta

Also Known as:

  • King Sago
  • Sago Cycad
  • Japanese Sago Palm
  • Cycad

Sago Palm is one of the most primitive living plants and is a popular ornamental and an evergreen Tree.

Often called “living fossils”, Cycads have changed very little in the last 200 million years.

Low growing single trucked cycad, topped with whorled feathery leaves.

Sago palms are not difficult to grow and maintain, but they do require some specific growing conditions. They appreciate a warm and bright environment, though harsh sunlight can damage the foliage. They also like humidity, which can be created by misting them regularly with clean water from a spray bottle.

These plants are sensitive to overwatering and poorly drained soil. So make sure the soil surface dries out in between waterings. And choose a pot with ample drainage holes for container plantings.

Sago palms prefer bright, indirect light. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight, especially hot afternoon sun in the summertime, which can wilt and burn the foliage.

A sandy soil that’s somewhat rich in organic matter and has a slightly acidic to neutral soil pH is ideal for the plant.

Sago palms have some drought tolerance, but they prefer a moderate amount of moisture in the soil. Water whenever the soil feels dry to the touch, making sure never to overwater to the point of soggy soil


(Flowering Plants only blossom in their respective seasons. All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.) 

Plant Type:

Outdoor Plant

Plant Height:

25 cm to 30 cm, 40 cm to 50 cm, 60 cm to 70 cm, 100 cm to 110 cm, 130 cm to 150 cm

Pot Type:

Nursery Pot


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Sago Palm (Cycas Revoluta)
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