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Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix Reclinata) Plant

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Senegal Date Palm  (Phoenix Reclinata)

Common Name: Senegal Date Palm

Botanical Name: Phoenix Reclinata

Also Known as:

  • Date Palm
  • Pygmy date
  • Miniature date palm
  • Date plant
  • Phoenix Palm
  • Pygmy Date
  • Miniature Date palm
  • Date Tree

Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix Reclinata) Plant is an evergreen Perennial houseplant.

Phoenix Reclinata is a good remover of formaldehyde and xylene from the surrounding atmosphere.

Phoenix Reclinata is a great air-purifying plant.


The Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix Reclinata) hails from the understory of the dense forests of Southeast Asia and Africa and belongs to the family Arecaceae, which is the palm family. These palms are very versatile and can grow indoors, as an outdoor potted or container tree, or in your lawn.

It is a widely cultivated species, Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix Reclinata) Plant is a dwarf evergreen palm tree with a slender trunk topped with a dense crown of fine-textured, lustrous green, gracefully arching fronds. Each compound pinnate leaf is up to 3 ft. Long (90 cm), and divided into many linear leaflets. Although this palm is usually single stemmed, it may develop several trunks, they are embossed with diamond-shaped leaf bases. Creamy on male and female trees. The flowers on female palms give way to showy clusters of small, red then black fruits.


Care and Growth: 

Temperature: Room temperatures of around 65°f / 16°c — 75°f / 24°c are ideal. The temperature should not become lower than 50°f / 10°c during winter.

Water: Keep the soil of a Pygmy Date Palm moist but never soggy during most of the year. In winter, allow the soil to dry out before watering. The fronds of a Dwarf Date Palm turn brown from too much water or from hard water.

Light: An indoor date palm does well in bright indirect light, but can survive in medium filtered light; be careful not to over-water in lower light. Place a Phoenix Roebelenii near an east or south facing window.

Soil: A peat-based mix is perfect, with lots of material for drainage. Palms appreciate good drainage to prevent water-logged roots.

Fertilizer: Use diluted regular houseplant fertilizer once a month or during the growing season of spring through early fall. Too much plant food causes excess salt build up in the soil that can result in leaf burn.



(Flowering plants only blossom naturally in their respective seasons. Fruit bearing plants only produce fruits naturally during their growing seasons. All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.)

Plant Type:

Outdoor Plant

Plant Height:

90 cm to 100 cm, 130 cm to 140 cm, 140 cm to 150 cm, 190 cm to 200 cm

Pot Type:

Nursery Pot


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Date Palm Tree (Phoenix Roebelenii) Plant in a nursery pot on Garden Souq an online plant shop and garden center in Dubai, UAE
Senegal Date Palm (Phoenix Reclinata) Plant
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