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Spiderwort (Tradescantia Zebrina)

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Scientific Name: Tradescantia Zebrina

Also known as:

  • Spiderwort
  • Inch Plant
  • Wandering Jew
  • Zebrina Pendula
  • Wandering dude

Tradescantia zebrina is a herbaceous perennial plant.

Spiderwort cleans the air of allergens, dust, and pollutants

Spiderwort is a great air purifier 

Herbaceous perennial is often grown as a houseplant. It has interesting variegated foliage striped green, white, and gray leaves with purple undersides.   

The leaves are ovate and clasp the stem at the base. Tiny three-petaled lavender-purple flowers appear infrequently indoors.  

Inch plants require bright, indirect light. If the light is too dim, the leaf striping will fade.

Water: Keep the soil moist, as it is best not to let your Tradescantia Zebrina become too dry. Water when the top inch of soil is dry and be sure to water the soil underneath the leaves. Don’t worry if you forget once in a while—it will occasionally tolerate a missed watering. Look out for drooping yellow leaves; they are a symptom of too much water.

Humidity: Your bathroom or kitchen would be a great choice for your Tradescantia Zebrina because it does best in a slightly more humid environment. Feel free to mist your plant frequently. If the humidity is too low the leaves will start to brown.

Temperature: Tradescantia Zebrina prefers average to warm temperatures of 55–80 degrees during the day and above 50 degrees at night.

Food: Feed monthly in the spring through fall with a general-purpose indoor plant fertilizer at half strength. Before applying fertilizer in any form, make sure the soil is damp.


(Flowering plants only blossom naturally in their respective seasons. Fruit bearing plants only produce fruits naturally during their growing seasons. All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.)

Plant Type:

Indoor Plant


Small, Medium

Pot Type:

Nursery Pot


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