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Gardensouq.com began its journey in 2010 with a mission to make the world a greener planet and to embrace the genuine beauty of mother nature. Our values are to always be honest, sincere, passionate, positive, and hard-working. Customers are forever our greatest priority, and everything we do is to serve them better in every aspect.

With the help of technology, we aim to connect with everyone that loves gardening, and with anyone interested in the discovery and journey of this beautiful hobby cherished by millions. We are continually working round-the-clock to make every step of gardening easier, accessible, and more affordable for everyone.

We are proud to have a very diverse team of multinational and multicultural people. All our team members love gardening and share our mission and vision of making the world a greener planet. Our collective efforts enable us to help slow down the progression of global warming, and purify the air we all enjoy.

Our team is working in synergy to constantly bring new features, products, and technological solutions every month to all our customers. We are implementing creative new ideas onto our platform and are advancing each month in our capabilities to better serve our amazing customers and our wonderful community.

We would love to invite everyone reading this to become a part of this magnificent journey with us.

P.S. We want to especially thank our customers and our community for always supporting us! Thank you very much, from your team at Gardensouq.com

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