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Organ Pipe Cactus 4 PP (Stenocereus Thurberi)

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Organ Pipe Cactus 4 PP (Stenocereus Thurberi)

Botanical Name: Stenocereus Thurberi

Also Known as:

  • Pitaya dulce
  • Organ Pipe Cactus
  • Sweet Cactus Fruit
  • Sweet Pitaya.

Plant Type: Organ Pipe Cactus is an evergreen succulent Plant.


The organ pipe cactus (scientific name Stenocereus thurberi) is a tall species of succulent and subspecies of the Cactaceae family native to Mexico and Southern Arizona. It grows multiple green-skinned vertical tubular limbs, resembling the pipes of a church organ, lined with thin needles protruding from the spines lining each limb. They bloom white flowers at the top tip of each limb.
Organ pipe cacti, which also go by the Mexican common name pitaya dulce, are slow-growing specimens but can grow up to sixteen feet tall and twelve feet wide.

Light: Organ pipe cactus is used to a lot of direct natural sunlight. If you are planting this succulent in your garden, choose a spot that gets about 6 hours of direct sunlight per day, with some dappled shade from surrounding trees and shrubs.

Soil: Organ pipe cactus grows well in well-drained, gritty soils. Planting the cactus in an unglazed clay pot will allow excess moisture to evaporate. Use either a cactus mix or make your own with one part potting soil, one part sand and one part perlite.

Water: allow soil to dry completely between watering. Withhold water in winter. Drought tolerant.

Fertilizer: fertilize Organ Pipe Cactus anytime during the year, but it’s best to do so in the spring and summer. Fertilizer that’s specifically made for cacti works best.


(Flowering plants only blossom naturally in their respective seasons. Fruit-bearing plants only produce fruits naturally during their growing seasons. All plants are sold in generic nursery pots, and may naturally vary in colors/sizes from the exact images illustrated above.)

Plant Type:

Outdoor Plant

Plant Height:

35 cm to 45 cm

Pot Type:

Nursery Pot


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Organ Pipe Cactus 4 PP (Stenocereus Thurberi)
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